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Shara Wright

CEO of Making Education Possible


"Did you know there are affordable ways to complete college credit without attending an online or physical classroom..."

Dr. Charlita Shelton

Executive Director, Dallas Nursing Institute

From the Ghetto to the Presidency

" A reflection of resiliency and persistence..."



Leroy Sisco

Retired Lt. General (Army), CEO & Founder of the Military Warriors Support Foundation

The Power of Education

"My two younger brothers & I were raised by a single Mother with limited opportunity but we discovered that education can literally change your life..."


Anita Wolfe

Western Governors University, Marketing Programs Manager

How to Get College Credit for What You Know

 "One part tortoise. One part hare. Learn how your valuable life experiences may help you graduate faster at WGU. An overview of competency based education for adult learners...."

Beth Doyle

VP of Learning Counts

How to Get College Credit for Work Experience

 "I used to clean houses for a living, now I’m the VP of Learning Counts, part of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) the leader in linking learning and work...."


Clifford Stumme

President, Founder of MyCollege, LLC

I Used Exams to Finish College for $7,423

"I’m excited to help you save time & money on your college degree. After taking twenty-five credit-by-exam tests, I took six college classes, went on to get my masters, and now teach at a university..."


Jeff Carpenter

Co-founder of Vantage Point Consulting, Inc

Tools for Selecting Schools & Degrees

"Learn how to not only create a plan to start college but how to finish strong...."

Tim Scoggins

LCDR (R), Former USCG Service Chief of Voluntary Education; CEO, Higher Education Resource Center

Creating a Credit Portfolio to Submit to Colleges

"I led education counselors nationwide who guided 190,000+ adults desiring to accelerate degree completion...."


Jeff Rogers

President & CEO of On Line Education, LLC

Online Options in Education

"Were you aware if you are a Paramedic, LVN/LPN, Foreign MD, or a person interested in a Healthcare career, that there are unique educational paths that can take you all the way to a Nurse Practitioner..."

John Harris

President of the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States

Education is Transformational

 "Education is key to career advancement and transforms how you view yourself...."

Dr. bill roberts

National Director of Online Education 

Helping Paramedics & LPN/LVNs Increase Their Income

 "My online courses and educational methodologies are used by thousands of students, LPN/LVNs & Paramedics to advance their career and income…"

Leland Harden

COO of SpeedyPrep

Timeshifting Your Education

"Did you realize there are a number of ways to get college credit and timeshift your education..."

Joy Porter

Founder of Get Your RN Faster

Why There Are Waiting Lists at Nursing Schools

"Surprising reasons why there are RN program waiting lists & why you need to have a backup plan..."

Dr. Rudolph (Rudy) Garrity

Founder American Learnership Forum, Inc

Lifelong Learning for Human Understanding, Social Development and Meaningful Legacy

"I spent 30 years working for the US Department of Defense and Intelligence I was responsible for leadership and support positions within military and civilian agencies..."

Dr. James Frame

USAFR Medical Forces Advisor
Medic to Medical Doctor
 “The pathway from Army Medic to Paramedic to RN to RNP to Doctor allows you to work and achieve your goals..."

Chris Cebollero

Internationally Recognized EMS Leader, Author and Advocate

Career Pathways in EMS

"Learn how to take your EMS career to the next level..."


Dr. Scott Wofford

Founder, Mid America Learning, B.S., M.S., D.C.

Chiropractor to Nurse Practitioner 

“I have helped hundreds of chiropractors double their income while expanding the scale and scope of their practice...”


Leta Cross-Gray

MSN, RN, CEO OrthoCare 360
CNA to Doctoral Candidate  
"I started out as housekeeper in our small town hospital then went on to work as a nurses aid, then to LVN to RN (associates through Excelsior College - a competency based program) then to my Masters..."

Dr. Marion Anema

Leader in Competency Based Nursing Education

Competency Based Education is Changing Nursing Education

Vernon Taylor

Former Director of Lifelong Learning U.S. Marine Corps, Assoc. VP National University

From the Swamps of Georgia to the Chief Educator for the Marine Corps

"I advanced my career through education and helped thousands of Marines along the way..."

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